Through our Partner Firm, Green Apple Lighting USA also specializes in Energy Brokering, Demand Response and obtaining NYSERDA grants for almost any commercial energy efficiency project. In fact, its affiliate company, has filed for over $60M in NYSERDA cash incentives!


Green Apple Lighting USA

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Green Apple Lighting USA is an energy consultant firm located in Manhattan, where we have a Team of experts in the energy services industry.

GALUSA pioneered the LED lighting industry in New York City when its founder discovered the LED industry in the Big Apple was in its infantile stages and embarked on a mission to bring LED lighting technology to New Yorkers which has so far resulted in energy efficiency, cost reduction and the creation of green jobs.

​        Green Apple Lighting USA’s mission is to provide lighting and sustainability decision makers with LED product solutions that can replace and outperform their existing general lighting needs in energy savings, durability, life and practicality.