ENRG Blanket


  • Working pressure 200 PSi Max
  •  Max operating Temperature 180 degree F
  •  Pressure drop less than 1 psi
  •  4"  Flanged Connections
  • Galvanized exterior
  • Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Steel Coil support frame
  • Water Tight Seal
  •  Lockable access hatch on top
  •  4 Lifting lugs

ENRG Blanket enhances occupant comfort

ENRG Blanket helps maintain surface temperatures within a narrow range, improving comfort levels, also addresses temperature changes with time (diurnal), people and mechanical (cyclical) and vertical temperature stratification.

Bio-based PCM is used to store thermal energy within a specified temperature range, and is specifically formulated for large scale thermal storage applications. The technology is unique, in that it remains in solid form regardless of charge state (solid to solid transition).PhaseStor is designed and sized to avoid peak demand energy cost and reduce energy consumption.

PhaseStor Thermal Storage Solution

ENRG Blanket can reduce HVAC energy usage by up to 40%, depending on the internal loads, building orientation, and control strategy.

Reducing the peak design load may provide an opportunity for designers to reduce the size of cooling or heating systems for mechanical renovations. 

           Stock sizes                    Ton-H capacity

   600 Ton/hr. 6000 gallon


   400 Ton/hr. 4000 gallon


   200 Ton/hr. 2000 gallon


   100 Ton/hr. 1000 gallon




  • BioPCM is made from sustainably grown plant based products
  • Biodegradable & recyclable
  • Tunable melt temperature
  • Fire & Smoke Ratings
  •           Class C, Class A & Plenum
  • Maintenance Free > 85 year life
  • Extends life of HVAC equipment
  • Reduces cycles on HVAC system
  • Extends HVAC maintenance cycles
  • Provides consistent, comfortable space temperature
  • Provides rapid ROI with reasonable up-front cost
  • Reduces ”Cost of Ownership”
  • Reduces building’s carbon footprint
  • Easy to install
  • Provides immediate savings
  • Potential LEED points for incorporating into design