GALUSA has procured over $60M worth of Cash Grant Incentives for out clients and generated over $90M in year over year savings since 2002

The amount of lighting necessary for the best work environment is impacted by many factors within commercial, healthcare, education, sports and industrial facilities. GALUSA understands that every building is different, so the needs for each project is unique.

  • Cash payments for LED LIGHTING UPGRADES.
  • Funds come from NY State mandated charge on electric bills.
  • Requires extensive documentation, measurement and verification of energy savings.
  • GALUSA models and verifies the base case conditions and certifies the project's proposed equipment and operating hours by NYSERDA.
  • Provides analysis of energy saving projections for review and approval by NYSERDA.

The New York Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has been a key asset to New York State businesses who provide incentives for residential and business owners to install energy efficient equipment and upgrades to their facilities. Each year NYSERDA dispenses over $400M in incentives helping to offset the cost of energy efficiency improvements.

40+% Energy Savings

Reduction of stress on building electrical infrastucture includes switchgear, fuses, air conditioning, reduces wear and tear.

Defer maintenance costs associated with new LED technology that provides up to 35,000 - 50,000 hours.

Demonstrate leadership in the new  GREEN ECONOMY

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Added Value Benefits for LED Upgrades

Energy Efficiency Cash Incentives