Traditional lighting has a detrimental effect on learning, light is a major contributor to student health and learning. It has been proven that fluorescent lights increase fidgeting and restlessness and its flickering causes fatigue and can induce seizures in people with photosensitive problems.

LED LIGHT SOLUTIONS achieve sustainability goals and improve the learning environment, enhancing classroom performance.

LED BALLAST COMPATIBLE T8 TUBE delivers exceptional performance and
can directly replaces a fluorescent tube without changing wiring or fixture. High
output, LED chips provides uniform and energy efficient illumination.

LED STRIP LIGHT FIXTURE is a unique LED linear luminaire suitable for ceiling
or wall mounting. Ideal for stairwells, restrooms and locker rooms.

LED TROFFER PANEL LIGHTS provide smooth and uniform light edge to edge
for a clean, modern look. For use in drop ceiling or drywall using the optional
recessed mounting kit.


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