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Today’s healthcare world is competitive, innovative and flexible. Lighting plays a key role in terms of comfort; patient views and medical staff need low surface brightness light fixtures and appropriate color temperature to create a consistent look and feel of light with a neutral color of 3500-4000K (most neutral source) which, is ideal for all healthcare spaces.

LED COMMERCIAL DOWNLIGHT SERIEShas been designed and engineered both for retrofitting the existing lighting housing as well as new construction. Available to replace incandescent and fluorescent luminaire. It is also available in different temperature color options.

LED PANEL SERIES delivers high lumen of exceptional +80 CRI. It is a perfect solution for new construction or retrofit existing fluorescent troffer fixtures. Its clean design allows it to be installed in different applications.

SINGLE T5 INTEGRATED TUBE SERIES is a New technology product, it replaces the T5 fluorescent tube as a direct fit and allows it to be mounted as retrofit or just linear fixture. It is more efficient up to 40% in energy saving compared to standard fluorescent tube.